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I was thinking about a non static logo for the PhD site Im working on, and it dawned upon me that sometimes the complexity of faking a glitch can easily be taken for granted.
To create the following pithy little animations, I used a combination of Sony Vegas, Camtasia, Fireworks, AfterFx, A couple of video codecs, and eventual hand tweaking and fiddling with an old version of Flash.

Click Below to see them.

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Street Art in East Village, New York City

its been a busy tiring week.

well theres no hiding the fact that I like this. spotted a couple of months ago somewhere else, refound on ffffound – beautiful, simple relavant.

Im investigating our laser cutting equipment today, 1st october was the official start of my PhD where I signed on the dotted line.

17.5 hours is the guide time for part time PhD work. considering Ive spent many hours already thinking about themes and ideas, any deficit of weekly time spent should be negated.

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