Designing Imperfection Site Redesign

Designing Imperfection Site Redesign, originally uploaded by Iman.

a lot of good things are happening, and everyone in my network is being incredibly supportive as ever.

But I’m actually in a weird situation where I can’t exactly say whats going to happen next year. I love my teaching and I love my PhD. Im looking at options so I can focus more on my PhD and related work with a remission in my teaching responsibilities, in particular the parts which require lots of redesign , rethinking and planning each year, as well as awkward documentation. So far this year, I havent in any way permitted myself to let the PhD take precedence over my teaching responsibilities.

In my experience so far, I think doing a PhD to the standard that I want requires a rethink on how much teaching I can have in a given year. As a priority I certainly dont want to jeopardize the quality of teaching, or be in a situation were I’m doing a PhD just at the weekends.

Anyhow, Im being as positive and constructive as I can. I enjoyed redesigning the Glitch Designing Imperfection site at the weekend. I’ll post it when its up.

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Face Detection

Face Detection, originally uploaded by Iman.

I’ve been looking at this for a few days. For the HCMF09 collaboration, some form of face detection would be useful. I started by looking at a couple of recent projects.

after a few minutes of wrangling with a few kludgy facedetect libraries tonight, I discovered an OpenCV example, I now know where the framework sits, where the library should go and its up and running as the example shows. fun stuff tomorrow.

For even more speed, I might try OpenCV in C++.

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