Amusement Magazine Interview

Amusement FR, originally uploaded by Iman.

It was nice to be interviewed for Amusement Magazines’ glossy inaugural first issue, which I will cherish in my Glitch related bit of the bookshelf until the pages whither away. Its a whole jam packed magazine full of interesting articles, of interest to french speakers out there, sadly I dont speak french, but I liked the pretty pictures.

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Glitch Painting Test

Glitch Painting Test, originally uploaded by Iman.

old test I wanted to do. The painting was being thrown away, close to where I work.

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Fail Fast and move on

Wales’ theories of failure: fail faster — if a project is doomed, shut it down quickly; don’t tie your ego to any one project — if it stumbles, you’ll be unable to move forward; real entrepreneurs fail; fail a lot but enjoy yourself along the way; if you handle these things well, ‘you will succeed.'”
Jimmy Wales speaking at TED-X in Tampa 2010

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