A history of edits

Linked-in is itching for an versioning system, that tracks changes to a person’s CV / some kind of A/B testing suite.

anyway I’m having a clearout of mine.

copy and paste dump after the jump from the interests section which aren’t strictly valid any more.. or have been de-prioritised. It’s very telling I suppose.


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Writing all over the place

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and writing in entirely new contexts. Librarygame Nothing to match the level of academic rigour I used to adhere to, but its certainly loosened me up to not really obsessing about what people think.

Its also true that almost every interactive project or presentation I’ve worked on starts with writing. You rarely wireframe without writing about it first, you rarely discuss with others without putting your own thoughts down in writing.

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Comfort in opposition

I don’t know if this is a subconscious way of being prepared in the face of opposition. but I’ve always found more comfort in seeking opposing viewpoints. That combined with not being overly evangelical and internally skeptical about the benefits of one approach over another is a potent combination hopefully that can lead to meaningful solutions.

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