Im going to go insane dont write this post. Theres a lot going on.

Ive had a rough time over the past few weeks, someone beat me to doing the Glitch Carpet idea which is a concept I’d originally written about in my PhD project proposals, and its actually very clever and very nicely done, nice job Mr Richard Hutten. A carpet as an analogue decorative and functional object is so far removed from all that is digital, apart from its link to the pixel aesthetic in its making so I thought that idea would be safe and quite unique but it clearly isn’t. Despite this initial dissapointment. I’m still going to do my concept which is based on the idea of the ‘persian flaw’, where the god fearing carpet weaver would deliberately create a mistake in the carpet so as not to presume divinity in creating an object which exudes total perfection.

Richard Huttens Carpet idea

Over the past few years, Ive come across a few trends here and there. but few things have both amused and irritated me more than data moshing. Lets start with the name. which I hate btw. ‘Mosh’ is one of my most detested words in the english language.
I dont care massively for its etymology or wish to propose anything other than saying these are simply the manifestation of compression artefacts as David O Reilly has also pointed out.. Secondly this is like a completely mindless effect. Its like giving some kids crayons and allowing them to let rip on the walls. Ironically I think its been really hindered by the two music videos which have promoted it the most, Although I love the chairlift one, and I dont mind Kanye’s vocals and the lyrical content, the use of this effect is bordering on the abusive. Its like a lensflare effect circa 1991.

1. “Welcome To Heartbreak” Kanye West
2. “Evident Utensil” by Charlift

yes Ive seen them and I’ve got them on my bleeding ipod touch.

Im far more interested in research like this:
recently. portraiture, representation, and a slight glitch aesthetic (maybe)

I’ve come to the realisation that to avoid further frustration I’m going to put all of my PhD proposal ideas out there. There are so many concepts I’ve looked at, maybe the public scrutiny will force me to tighten them up.

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